Intro: A Little About Me


Hey Guys! My name is Morgan and welcome to my blog!

That's me on the right, with my boyfriend, Peter. (Morgan is a confusing unisex name, I know)

That’s me on the right, with my boyfriend, Peter. (Morgan is a confusing unisex name, I know)

I am originally from Newtown, Connecticut but I moved to an area just outside of Boston to get my Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Bentley University (which I obtained in 2012).



I now work for an insurance company as a financial analyst I am currently pursuing my Master’s of Banking and Financial Services Management at Boston University. This is my second class in the program.

As of now I don’t have any pets but I am obsessed with pugs and would LOVE to get one very soon. (Okay I’m basically obsessed with any dog that passes me on the street, but thats a different story.) I grew up with two pugs and miss having those little furry guys around! (I mean who can resist that face?)


This blog will follow my journey to maintain moderation in my life: to work out consistently but not obsessively, to eat healthfully but allow myself to indulge, and to work diligently but remember to embrace life’s little joys.


I am very new to blogging but I’m excited to learn more about the blogging world and myself during this process. Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Fantastic title and so true, so true. Moderation is a bit challenge for me too. I’ve really had to curtail my fitness since starting my this degree program. I have to remind myself it actually might be better for my health and sanity to skip the workout and just have some downtime. Hope you get a pug soon. Pets are such a great reminder to step away from the computer and take a breath and have fun!

    Cheers! Barbara

  2. Hi Morgan –
    Love the pugs! They are too cute. I recently heard a funny quote that said there are two types of people: those who work out, and those who work – just highlighting how hard it can be sometimes, but I really like your tagline of maintaining moderation. Looking forward to working with you!

  3. Hi Morgan,
    I have always wanted to try spinning, those bikes sound amazing. Signing up in advance and especially paying in advance is a great way to stay committed to working out. I definitely struggle with finding time in my schedule for staying healthy. I love your tagline “Maintaining Moderation”. Although it is easier said than done, it is absolutely the way to go. Too much of any one thing will burn you out but finding the right work/life balance helps you reach the long-term goals. Best of luck this semester and I look forward to working with you.


  4. Morgan,
    I love your blog. The pugs are adorable. I am also obsessed with all dogs as well. I love dogs, they are awesome to have. You definitely need to get one soon! I had a Dalmatian. I’ve tried spinning classes and liked them as well. I need to start taking them again. Great job on your blog.

  5. Hi Morgan,

    Man do I wish I had the same dedication to workout as you do, but i do attempt to play basketball as much as possible. With this latest injury I may be out quite some time. I like your dog, it’s the same from men in black! Great movie might I add.

  6. Morgan-

    Nice to meet you and I’m glad to see another MS in Banking student in our course. I have grown to love finance as well and I’m sure working in the insurance industry in finance is fascinating! Loved the pictures, they add a lot to your blog. Great work – this definitely doesn’t seem like your first time blogging!


  7. Hello Morgan,

    I appreciate the fact that you gave details about the costs of the workout. That is information that is often left out. I wish I could be that dedicated in my workouts, it is very difficult being a chef and surrounded with food all day. Moderation is key.

  8. Hi Morgan,

    I enjoyed your piece on spinning. I love spinning too. You may have just inspired me to take another class soon. I’m very lucky in that my work has a great gym that offers morning spin classes.

    I agree with your message- that moderation is key. I also try to live a well-balance life. Moderation can be difficult to find, but I think awareness is the first step to staying on track.

    I look forward to working with you!

  9. Hi Morgan
    That is a great name, by the way. My favorite aunt’s name was Morgan. She used to fill my pockets full of salt water taffy when it was time to go home. Seeking balance or, as you put it, moderation is a worthwhile goal especially in the bizarre modern world in which we live where everything EVERYTHING seems to be designed to encourage precisely the opposite. You’ve probably already know this, but there is a tiny pocket-sized book you can find in most bookstores called the Dhammapada. You might find it of interest in your journey. Good luck with the course!

  10. Morgan,
    Pugs are adorable little dogs. I always thought I could only really like a larger dog, but I “inherited” two dogs from my daughters (a corgi and a jack russell) and I’ve grown quite found of their smallness. The only thing I really don’t like about having dogs is the inconvenience of either boarding them or having someone watch them when we want to travel.

  11. Morgan,
    Thanks for including your recipe for the green smoothie. My family also of tens blends our greens in with our fruit. We recently began making our own almond milk and are really enjoying that.
    Maintaining moderation is a wonderful goal! I look forward to reading your upcoming posts about your journey.

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