Spinning Frenzy

My favorite cardio alternative as of late has been spinning. Instead of constantly trucking along on the treadmill or getting a less than breathless workout on the elliptical, spinning is a great way to get your heart pumping and to provide a little variety to your weekly workout. Some sources say that spinning can even have you burning 600 calories during an hour long class! The structure of just having a spinning class to sign up for in advance also holds me accountable to make sure I get a good workout in that day, which helps a lot on those days that I’m just not really feelin’ it.

Before Christmas, I found an introductory offer at the Spinning Lotus on the Wayland/Weston line (see below for link) for new riders, and my co-worker and I decided we would try it out. We got two classes for $20 and figured that even if we didn’t end up loving it and signing up for additional classes, it would be a good change of pace in our workouts.

I had been to spinning classes with my sister at her gym maybe a dozen times before, so I would consider myself experienced with setting up the bike and what a spin class usually entails.


So, I’ve completed both of my “trial classes” and I loved it. The Spinning Lotus features the Real Ryder bikes, which in comparison to traditional bikes that are totally stationary, actually tilt side to side like a bike would if you were riding down the street, turning down a side road, or hustling up a huge hill. This engages your core and arm muscles and we were left very sore after that first 6am class with Nichole. The next time I went, I took a class with Tom. He had a different style of teaching but I feel that I got an equally intense workout.

There is another spinning studio close to work that I plan to try out (with another introductory rate package) before I make any commitments to a studio. While I know it is a bargain compared to Boston prices, classes in this area range from $17-$20+ per class, so it isn’t cheap!

I definitely recommend the Spinning Lotus for beginner riders all the way up to advanced riders, as there were people with all fitness/spin levels in my classes.




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  1. I was also a Finance major and work in the Insurance industry. I’ve never had the opportunity to take a spinning class but I think I’m going to have to try it out. I recently joined the gym at work and need to focus more on my health and fitness in 2014. Thank you for sharing your passion with us!

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